ComplexCities provides services for mission-driven organizations on a fee-for-service basis. Service areas include those listed below, but may expand to suit the specific mission and needs of an organization. 


Capacity Building

Educate and empower decision makers and influencers through customized training

Human head with network in brain

Performance Tracking & Institutional Change

Create and apply performance measurement frameworks, reduce barriers through regulatory, financial, and organizational change

Technology, Data, and Research Integration

Leverage analytics, tools, and proven best practices to inform new approaches

Peer Network, Trusted Resources, and Informed Advice

ComplexCities’ services are coupled with mechanisms to magnify the reach of lessons learned. By getting critical information into the hands of those who need it, newcomers to an issue are less likely to make mistakes in the early stages, and professionals with a more seasoned background can avail of more advanced initiatives to increase their impact.


Initiative Showcasing



Each collaboration between an organization and ComplexCities will be showcased on the website as an “initiative.” To the extent agreed upon by the organization, ComplexCities will share the process, product, and results of each initiative to inform other organizations with a similar mission. In addition, ComplexCities will profile especially impactful initiatives without ComplexCities’ involvement, with the permission of the original creators, in order to provide a more valuable range of potential options.

Hands-on Guidance



Ultimately, an online repository of “initiatives” will be generated. Those curious about what is more and less successful can find trusted information on ComplexCities’ website. In addition, those with questions about the applicability of an initiative to their own situation can get in touch with ComplexCities’ staff directly to better understand options. They might land on duplicating a past initiative with minor modifications or creating a new initiative tailor-made for their situation.

Community Creation



Organizations that engage in an initiative with ComplexCities become a part of a community of problem-solvers dedicated to improving the status quo of specific urban issues. They will have opportunities to connect with other professionals working on similar challenges, learning from their peers about what works. ComplexCities aims to build an international network to avoid learning in isolation, reinventing the wheel, and finding out too late what works best for the most pressing challenges facing cities today.